Our back-end development team has high-performing PHP and Laravel expertise to cover server-side needs.

PHP, Laravel, Python, Node.js
  • Developing back-end applications for web and mobile from scratch

    Why do you need it? However, “behind the scenes,” a well-developed back-end makes the product functionally work for your clients — clear connections with databases, servers, browsers, and external services.

  • API development and integration services

    Why do you need it? We make the resources functional across the devices, services, and programs. It is incredible how manual work can be simplified and automated with API-s!

  • Building Back-end Architecture: Server-App-Database

    Why do you need it?  We help to determine the actual logic and processes behind the website. Typing or clicking something triggers lots of “behind the scenes” actions. It is the web architecture influencing the operations of how different code elements from users’ input create the expected result.

  • Cloud Back-end Solutions: Safe Migration and Infrastructure

    Why do you need it? Ready for scaling your business? We help to transfer your data, applications, and other business elements safely to the cloud solution most suitable for your needs.

  • Back End Refactoring and Optimization

    Why do you need it? The day before the release date and you are running late? The code is not as clear and clean as possible but generally works, and new projects take over. We will help refactor the code, make it clean, and make sure it works for current and future projects.

  • Custom back-end developments

    Why do you need it? We listen to your needs, feel your customer, and are part of your dev team throughout the project.

We develop back-end projects with PHP, Laravel and Node.js

Our dev-processes are made simple and logical, following the main project flow:

  • Understanding your business: Is there a need for a new project or to develop the existing one?

    We'll have structured meetings to understand the current situation: are there any new projects from scratch or the change of an existing one? Is there a need for technical audit and consultation, or can we start from ground zero? This is also where we get the "paperwork" done with all the contracts, NDA-s, etc.
  • Prototyping & Coding in the chosen language

    Time to get your service or product to the next level. We make prototypes and have an agile development cycle either with PHP, Node.js, or Python.
  • Testing the server-side code

    Our developers are working with test-driven-development (TDD) techniques, automated testing tools, and various manual testing tactics to get the maximized result in the highest level of performance.
  • Jointing back-end with front-end

    We have experience with a complete development cycle - pixel-perfect front-end for users to the flawless working server-side on the back-end.
  • Launch

    Get your marketing & sales team ready for the launch! It's going to be huge!
  • Follow up, next steps & iterations.

    The launch is an important milestone, but usually, during the development cycle and process, new ideas come to the table to make the software, mobile app, or website even better and cover another essential feature. We are helping you with the following steps for your business need and software development to fulfill your needs.


  • What do back-end developers do?

    Back-end developers are responsible for server-side developments, including databases, website architecture, and scripting. The back-end is everything you as a customer do not see, but you need to interact with your websites, such as purchasing or log-ins. In other words, if you perform any action on the web, click for action, need any integration or API-s- you are using the fruits of the labor of back-end developers. 

    Back-end developers usually do the joint to get the user, front-end, and server-side back end together. So you have the two sides talking with each other. 

  • What is back-end architecture?

    The back-end architecture is the structure for the website’s or software’s structure for the components that are not visible to the customer. Those actions occur when the user is clicking or taking any further steps – back-end architecture will help create the structure for the activities.

    The back-end architecture sets how different elements in code communicate with each other, and it influences how the website performs.

  • What is the difference between back-end and front-end development?

    When back-end development is taking care of the actions happening on the server-side and are usually “in the back,” invisible to the users, the front-end takes care of the actions occurring from the user side – everything that is in front of the user if you open the website.

    For well-performing software, website, and mobile app, both front-end and back-end development play a huge role. It is crucial to do the integration after the site is ready.

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