Industry: Lending, Fintech
Location: Estonia
Services: CTO CaaS, Front-end development, back-end development, technical consult, UX-UI design
Technology: PHP, Laravel, Vue.JS, AWS, Docker, REST, Swagger, TimeMachine by Codelive

The goal of Income is to make investing in loans safer and more transparent and build a P2P platform with more security for investors.

Challenge: From idea to MVP of easy to use and secure P2P platform

Income needed a new platform for loan management that would be secure and have an easy-to-use setup for clients to trust and use. As Income had an innovative approach to the P2P platform that would protect the investors in a more secure way, they also needed the new idea put in code from scratch – as smooth as possible.  

Codelive was on board of Income development from the very beginning. During the first steps of developing the product, we had two goals: get the LMS general technical architecture and focus on the security and operational stability of the platform. 

The system’s core runs a reliable event-sourcing pattern and a double-entry ledger. 

The system automatically validates data coming from the loan providers and ensures that the platform displays correct loans and stable operations.

Emphasis on the User Experience Simplicity via Security

Codelive developed the back-end and front-end of the Income web application with an aim to make the end user’s investment process as effortless as possible. 

The platform has features that allow investors to choose loans manually from a list view or create an automated investment strategy that filters the available loans based on the investor’s requirements and automatically allocates available funds.

To make the administration of the platform as efficient as possible, we created a Back-Office solution to:

  • manage user rights, 
  • KYC/KYB information, 
  • monitor activity, 
  • check reports, 
  • send marketing emails and much more.

Result – investment into loans made easy

Today, Income is a P2P investment platform (founded in 2020) that enables people to invest in loans worldwide. 

Trusted by the clients, Income offers a secure and easy opportunity for investing in personal, real estate, car, and short-term loans. Investors have invested about nine ml € with an interest rate of 11.8%.