Industry: Lending
Location: Brazil
Services: CTO CaaS, Front-end development, Back-end development, LMS Loan Management System development
Technology: PHP, Docker, AWS, R, Python, REST, TimeMachine by Codelive

15 years of experience with online lending in Europe and Asia gave Morcote from Estonia and Telor from Austria the knowledge and unused potential to found ClickCash to bring worldwide credit-industry innovations to Brazil. In 2019 ClickCash was founded in São Paulo, Brazil.

Challenge: Offer more flexibility and safety than the regular credit app

Click Cash is a fast and complete end-to-end credit platform with the challenge of shaking the credit industry in Brazil. 

Codelive developed the platform’s secure, agile, and flexible back-end core that had all the innovations from previous knowledge and experience in the loan market.

Thanks to the scalable system, Click Cash has the flexibility to evolve the platform quickly and safely. This enables the business to continuously develop new products and innovative solutions for the Brazilian credit market.

Result: Data-driven credit solution app to widen the audience with fast results 

ClickCash has developed a multi-layered credit system based on data analysis and Big Data, which analyzes many data sources in real time. Data usage helps deliver a secure check of credit scores and opens the possibility of having new customers who strict traditional scoring methods have denied so far.