What do
we do?

Codelive is a software development and management service company, whose aim is to build and develop life-changing software that helps you make the change. We’ll identify where and what issues we can assist you with and perform solutions that will help you manage your business world more efficiently.

Who are we?

The story of our core members, and most of the team started in 2015 with our passion for fintech, coding, and an ambition to create a lasting impact. We are experienced professionals who enjoy working together; hungry for future software solutions which will help to solve mankind’s problems.

Our eagerness and commitment to combined experience have given us the chance to develop, learn, and always be one step ahead – building the future by developing cutting-edge software.

Our team consists of over 30 all-around talented individuals, with extensive experience in different fields including software engineering, data science, marketing, business development, and e-government areas. Our key people have been in the IT and tech business sectors for over 20 years.

Technologies we know and operate

Additionally, we are experienced in:
  • Vue.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • other PHP frameworks
  • Python
  • Python frameworks
  • Java
  • .NET
  • C#
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Docker
  • iOS
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Android
  • CMS
  • Hybrid mobile language
  • JBoss
Partners / Clients and Accomplishments
  • Income Marketplace (Estonia)
    P2P platform for investors to make investments to loans more secure
  • Amar Bank in Indonesia, Loan Management System
    The company grew from a start-up to a public company (IPO Amar. jk). 2021 revenue 605,943M (Yahoo Finance)
  • Clickcash (Brazil)
    Loan management solution lending platform in Brazil
  • Frenn (Nigeria)
    Loan management solution lending platform in Nigeria
  • More than 80% of Estonian and Latvian pharmacies
    (inc. ApothekaBenuSüdameapteek) are using our retail solutions with robotic sorting, storing, and packaging systems (automated ordering systems, e-bills, automatic receipt of goods, creation of drug interactions database, integration of digital prescription system, drug package tracking system).
  • Pharmacy warehouse and logistic centre of Magnum (Estonia and Latvia)
    warehouse solution with robots for automatic order fulfilments for rapid and economic growth
  • recruitment platform in Norway and Finland. A powerful solution for employees, employers, and recruiters.
  • brokerage of rental car fleets providing information on car rental fleets to large car rental brokerage platforms, e.g. Skyscanner, Ekar, etc.
  • EU – multi-app brings together more than 50 daily services on one screen. (Apps in Apple Store and Google Play).
  • E-government consulting and developing services
    E-government consulting and developing services. Our people have been developing Estonian e-government solutions for more than 20 years. We were WorldBank advisers to consult the government of Vietnam for an e-governance project in 2019.

Looking for in Kenya and Tanzania

  • Lending companies and banks
  • Local start-ups and startup community presenters, investors
  • Pharmacy retail and wholesale companies
  • Partnership with local software development company (especially fintech sector)

Our business areas

We are competent in the following business fields:
  • Fintech solutions
    Loan Management Systems (LMS) and P2P lenders. Core engine for fintech software solutions (TimeMachine). Financial business models.
  • Start-ups
    MVP-s, product validation, and product development.
  • Platform solutions
    (real estate, multi-service platform). Connect different stakeholders, satisfy their needs and connect their use cases.
  • E-commerce solutions
    integrations, marketing technology solutions (MarTech).
  • Retail solutions and wholesale
    warehouse solutions specifically in pharmacy. incl. from robots sorting medications and finished warehouse storing solutions.
  • Logistics solutions
    in transportation - truck fleet management solutions.
  • E-government
    E-government consulting service. Estonian government e-solutions.


  • CTO / CaaS services
    For start-ups and fintech. High-level technical project management with highly experienced IT engineers.
  • Product building
    From minimum value proposition, service/product validation, and product building, up to financing and globalization cooperation for start-ups.
  • Ready-made loan management system
    Ready-made loan management system (LMS) and fintech sector lending company, ready-made LMS and core engine for fintech software solutions (TimeMachine), and expert knowledge of the implementation.
  • Medical and pharmacy sector
    Ready-made logistic and supply chain solution.
  • Cooperation
    Cooperation with local software companies to make international business and solutions.

This is the beginning of our journey in Africa

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International Sales Manager
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