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Our extensive experience in FinTech has taught us the importance of scalability and security. We use a wide range of technologies that provide secure products and integrations, ensuring the best outcome for your business.
We all have experienced buttons that don’t work or forms that fail to send requests. Bugs like these can drive your customers to find alternative solutions. We make sure that your website is fast and responsive.
Over half of the website traffic is generated by mobile devices. Native apps leverage the capabilities of mobile devices and enable offline access to your business. Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered.
Without a doubt, cloud services have become the number one choice of businesses due to their accessibility, uptime, scalability, and affordability. How to choose between AWS, Google, Alibaba, or Azure? We can help you choose and set up the server for your needs.
UX consists of more than what meets the eye. When creating UX strategy, we cover all stages of your product or service - from first impressions to onboarding, help, and maintenance. Make them work seamlessly and you’ve got a winning product.
Over the years of software development, we have generated valuable knowledge and experience, especially in the field of FinTech. If you have an idea but need guidance in choosing the right tools and methods, we can help you map your needs.
CTO as a Service - CaaS. Virtual CTO
Building a StartUp? Need technical consulting? Looking for a tech-skilled project manager? Using CTO as a Service is the most efficient, cost-effective, and fast way for quick help. Get the offer!
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We came to Codelive with a short deadline and a completely custom design for our new corporate website. This was no problem for Codelive, they were fast, detail oriented and thorough with the website, and responsive in communication. I appreciated the after-live support, as we needed to go live on a certain date without having time to train or test very thoroughly. They made sure that we did not feel abandoned after the live date.

Thank you Codelive team for developing the CarBro car broker system. When we first went live with the system and started integrating, Codelive responded to any integration problems and improvement ideas immediately. Thanks to the smooth communication, we were able to go from an idea to an MVP in only 6 months.

The business model of ClickCash is about speed – we approve loans within 24 hours, which means that we cannot allow downtime of our systems. Codelive has done a great job developing and maintaining our IT processes.

I have been working with the Codelive team with many different companies I have been involved in, with tens of bigger and smaller projects and thousands of tasks successfully completed. The key to success in my mind is that in Codelive you find the highest concentration of the mythical 10x developers because working with broadly talented people drastically reduces communication errors, finger-pointing, and delivery time and results in a very scalable system design.

Codelive has partnered with us to help build state-of-the-art solutions for one of the first neoBanks in Indonesia. We owe a big part of our success to their solutions and reliable deliveries.

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