Product Overview

Addressing the needs of today while focusing on the future, LMS is a complete software solution designed to modernize your lending processes. As a highly secure and private platform. Developed to surpass traditional legacy systems, LMS consolidates tasks for seamless, secure data flow, significantly reducing processing time, and improving accuracy​.

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Key Features

Configurable Loan Product Management

Tailor your loan offerings to meet specific requirements.

Loan Application Management

Streamline the entire loan application process for efficiency.

Risk Engine

Leverage automated underwriting tools and score model management.

Loan Portfolio Management

Keep track of your entire loan portfolio, including debt collection.

User Rights and Access Management

Safeguard your operations with role-based access controls​.

With LMSby Codelive, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Improved Efficiency

Our system significantly reduces processing time and eliminates human errors.

Increased Accuracy

Clean, accurate, and reliable data model for better scoring and reporting.

Cost Savings

With LMS, you can reduce IT services and costs, driving your bottom line.

Enhanced Security

LMS is a private and secure platform, safeguarding your company and customer data​



Our Partners about us

Codelive has partnered with us to help build state-of-the-art solutions for one of the first neoBanks in Indonesia. We owe a big part of our success to their solutions and reliable deliveries.
The business model of ClickCash is about speed – we approve loans within 24 hours, which means that we cannot allow downtime of our systems. Codelive has done a great job developing and maintaining our IT processes.

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About us

LMS is a product born out of the need for a comprehensive, efficient, and modern lending solution. Since 2012, we’ve been helping banks and credit companies across Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe to enhance their loan servicing efficiencies and make rapid, informed decisions​.

Codelive is a leading fintech and software company born from Aasa Polska in 2015. Led by CTO Jüri Pruulmann, our core team has pioneered LMS loan management and TimeMachine software. Today, our solutions are trusted by clients worldwide.

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