Industry: Car-rental
Location: Worldwide
Services: Front-end development, Back-end development, Multiple integrations
Technology : PHP, Laravel

CarBro is a b2b platform that supports car rental businesses in the travel industry. 

Challenge: handle car booking volumes automatically 

CarBro platform provides car rental companies help with an extensive broker network. The platform also enables rental companies to insert their fleet into the system and broker companies to intermediary between end customers and rental companies.

Result: the platform that is suitable for car rental companies around the world

The CarBro platform is connected to the Open Travel Association API. It means that the platform uses standardized classifications and requirements, making it suitable for car rental companies worldwide. 

CarBro enables process automation of car rental companies regardless of their size. There are 20 000+ cars on the platform from more than 90 locations, with over 500 000 bookings per year.

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